Baby Doll Lashes

Baby Doll Lashes or BabyDoll ® Lash Lift

The Babydoll ® Lash Lift is a great procedure that straightens, lifts, and shapes your own natural lashes. Lashes are extended upwards from the root to tip creating a longer, lifted appearance that opens the eyes. A black tint is added to enhance the look which usually last up to 2 months. When you use an eyelash growth product it will enhance your lash lift. While your lashes grow longer, our process controls straight or overly curly lashes by giving them a uniform lifted look. Black eyelash tint is applied during the treatment to enhance the look of your baby doll lashes.

Baby Doll lashes are a safe procedure available for individuals who are interested in enhancing the look of the natural eyelashes, although they are not recommended for chemotherapy patients. . Lashes are lifted onto our specially shaped lifting pads before the products are applied. Baby doll lashes will not damage your natural lashes, it will only enhance your own natural lashes. You will come into the office with clean lashes. Patients are taken to a room to recline on a comfortable chair. Your lashes will be cleansed and the procedure will begin. The procedure is very relaxing and usually takes one hour. After the procedure is completed you will have your very own lashes that are lifted and beautiful without needing artificial lashes.

Care for The Babydoll ® Lash Lift:

After the procedure, avoid steam for 24 hours and discontinue the use of the lash growth products for 48 hours. After 24 hours exposure to steam will not affect your lashes and 48 hours you can resume the use of your eyelash growth products. Mascara can be applied right away.